The Laws of Motivation

Laws-motiThe title we at Movers and Shakers least like to get given is that of a motivational speaker. We think that the title in itself is basically arrogant!
It truly is basically arrogant to think that one can walk into a group – specifically of strangers – and MOTIVATE them.
As you may be aware, we do a lot of different and diverse things at Movers and Shakers. We have found that there is a science connected to motivation.
The very first law of motivation is:

1. You've got to want to motivate oneself.
Invariably we find that regardless of whether you’re presenting to a small group or a large group, you’ll discover that sceptical individual seated there with their arms crossed, their fingers crossed, their legs crossed, and their eyes crossed as if to say, “Very well? Come on and motivate me then!”
Let’s be fair,we can speak until we are blue in the face and sing “I think I can fly” in our best opera voice and it’s not going to work.
First and foremost we have to want to motivate ourselves.

Sadly there are just some people who for whatever reason, just don’t want to be motivated. And regrettably it's these individuals that may eventually take down an entire team.
Perhaps there is just too much prior history that they've had to endure within the group.
Probably their poor attitudes are already so long embedded that they find it impossible to change, and have even found comfort within their pessimism.

Perhaps their relationships within the team have already been compromised and their trust levels so depleted that they'll barely tolerate some relationships and their bitterness and unforgiveness have eaten into them.
After all they say, “unforgiveness is like drinking a poison and expecting the other individual to die!”. One of the important functions of living is being capable to pick your self up after a disappointment.
Attempt to bear in mind to have a hard skin and a soft heart, NOT the opposite way around.
And yet, we at MOVERS and SHAKERS observed many years ago that nobody wants to go to work and hate their job! Most people are willing to do some thing towards making work a better place to be, given that they devote so much of their life there. The truth is statistically individuals will give up a good deal to stop a conflict.
That is why we love what we do a lot. We really like to come alongside people and show them some different perspectives on how some things, which might have been taken for granted, can also be better, and that change is most definitely achievable.
At times for those with a negative mindset, the best thing is to take the focus away from themselves and attempt to pass it onto how they could in simple means, make other people really feel better and much more motivated.
That is not to say that we promote that one must attempt to change other individuals and try to mould them into what you want them to be. 
No, the change that is going for making a lasting difference has to come from within your self. 
I am aware it’s starting to sound like Michael Jackson singing “man in the mirror”, but I’m afraid the king of pop was right on the button.
You can’t try to take the speck out of your colleagues eye when there is really a log in your own. 
You're going to purely become labelled as a hypocrite and individuals see through you far quicker than you may well expect.
Nevertheless then, how will we take the focus away from ourselves and pass it to those individuals around us?
I’m so glad you ask, because it brings us to the following law of motivation that we've identified:

2. What you give is what you get.
More specifically, A rising tide raises all ships. 
If you happen to be lifting up, encouraging and promoting the people all around you, you in turn will likely be lifted up your self.
You see laws of motivation can also be as elusive as the laws of leadership which at times seem to fly in the face of what we would usually expect.
The truth of the matter is – You get that which you give.
What goes around comes around.
Basically this is a biblical concept couched as: You reap what you sow.
Its strange though, when we sometimes ask teams as an illustration to inform us what you get if you plant corn, they all reply “corn!”. What do you get if you plant wheat, they all rightly reply “wheat!”
What if we plant barley?
They expected answer is “Barley”.
But what if we plant Hatred? By this stage the conditioned response will be “Hate”.
Then things take a bit of a turn. When we question “What if we plant love?”, most would reply “Love” (though a number of witty ones may well chuckle “babies!”).
But our next interrogation frequently puts groups into a tailspin. “What if we were to plant money?” Here, the responses become somewhat more erratic. Some reply, “You receive dirty money”, other people come back “ You get your head examined”, other people just appear confused.
But why does it not work for money in addition? Why is money the exception to the law? Basically, It’s not!
In justifying this we are not attempting to say if you plant money you always get money back (Certainly the lottery is a great example of this fact), but in order to expect money it has to get planted initially.
Think of somebody you know who's doing well financially, perhaps they’ve climbed the corporate ladder, perhaps they own their own business.
I promise you there was a day when they had been planting money into an education, or start up capital, or stock or facilities.
What goes around comes around.
As to our discussion of motivation, be cautious that you are not giving in order to receive.
Whenever you give it's going to come back, at some time, some situation and in some way. It doesn't necessarily come back in the same way which you gave it.
In most circumstances in the corporate team, upliftment may perhaps only come back purely by association. Simply because when one person on the team succeeds it's a good reflection on the team as a whole.
After all, no-one is an island. You simply have to have faith that one day your day will come.

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  • You name it and we do it.

Author: Paul Johnson, Motivational Speaker and the M.D. of Movers & Shakers, a leading team building company in South Africa. 

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