Keyword Research | Choosing Keywords Efficiently

Be realistic when choosing your keywords. Never expect a high ranking for one word keywords!

Before you start your website design, put yourself in your customer's shoes. You must think long and hard on what keywords people are likely to use to find your website. There are simply too many sites on the Internet for a one word search to be effective. It's practically impossible to create a one word search that is targeted to your specific website. Remember that choosing single keywords usually return the least targeted leads. Some keywords are going to be much more competitive than others. The easiest road to success is choosing and targeting popular keywords that your competitors have overlooked. Target "multi-word phrases" that give you the "highest quality leads". When choosing "longer phrases / long tail keywords", there is a much higher likelihood that you have focused in on exactly the right prospects.

Online Promotions & Graphix design your website with the Search Engines in mind to ensure that your content naturally utilises the correct keyword phrases to provide visitors with valuable content for the keywords they are entering into the search engines. We provide "cost-effective" responsive website design while providing the highest quality solutions & services to our clients.

Choosing your Keywords

  • • When choosing your keywords, brainstorm on what general words apply to your industry and list them all out on paper.
  • • What search phrases / keywords are your competitors targeting? Conduct a search for a few of them on a major search engine and then travel to the sites you find in that search.
  • • View the keyword metatags in HTML source code for the page. Write down the keywords used in the keyword metatags and any you see on the visible page.
  • • From their keyword metatags you'll quickly find a variety of words you hadn't considered before.
  • • Organize and focus your keywords into short phrases.
  • • For YOUR website design, make sure you only write down words and phrases from the keyword metatags that specifically apply to YOUR business. You don't want to waste time choosing keywords that will not bring you high quality leads!

It's the difference between attracting actual buyers versus window shoppers!