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Description meta tags must provide a concise explanation of each web page's content as the Description metatags are displayed on the search engine results page (SERP), affecting click-through rates.

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The description metatags must use each page's most important "search phrases", enticing people to click on the link and visit that page. In your initial website development, once important search phrases have been incorporated into the text design with good copywriting, Online Promotions & Graphix put these search phrases in the description metatags. Keywords in the description metatags are given some weight with most search engines and Facebook. The search phrases in the description meta tags will not affect the page's ranking in the search engines, but a concise explanation of each web page's content with meaningful description meta tags are used in your overall SEO, website promotion, online promotions and marketing campaigns. The description meta tags must have a meaningful description, relavant to the page content in the initial website development & website promotion of your website. If no description metatags are inserted in the page design, the search engines will use the first words that appear on the page, automatically creating its own description based on the page content as the description that appears on search results pages (SERP). The description metatags are used as the description displayed in the search result pages of most search engines & directories.

Most search engines will index approximately 155 characters (including spaces) in the description meta tags.

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