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The Meta Title and Description meta tags must not be ignored!

Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords

Installation of meta tags is still an important part of overall website development. Although the importance of meta tags in SEO has diminised, some directories / engines still index the keywords within the tags of a website especially the Title and Description.

The meta tags inform the search engine "spiders" as what to do and are also used in source code design.

Chosen keywords covering the key areas of your business are inserted in the meta title and meta description on all of the relevant website pages, text and meta tags, to ensure that all key areas of your business are well represented in the engines. When we design your site, we insert individual meta title and meta description tags on all of the pages in your website relating to that individual page's content.

Keywords inserted in the title and description tags are still one of the search engine optimization factors to determine web site rankings!

The title metatag is the most important metatag to determine the ranking of your website on the search engines!

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Meta Titles create the words that appear in the top bar of your browser and the words in title metatags are what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page (SERP). All of the search engines use title metatags to gather information about your website. The Title metatags must be written to be descriptive of the content on the page.

Meta titles are equally as important as your visible text copy and the links pointing to your pages.

Many site owners mistakenly believe they should put their company names in their Meta Titles. Your potential customers will be searching for specific products or services, not a particular company name. Meta Titles should contain specific "Search Phrases" that relate to the text on the specific page. Once you have incorporated important "Search Phrases" into the text design, all you have to do is take these same phrases and put them in your Meta Titles. For most search engines, Meta Titles are not case-sensitive so enticing title meta tags can be created in website development to get the user to click on your listing.

Title metatags are definitely one of the "big three" as far as the algorithmic weight given to them by search engines.

The Meta Description is used as the description displayed in the search result pages of many SEs & directories.

meta descriptions, website development, description metatags

The meta description in the website development must be written in such a way, using the pages most important "search phrases", that it will entice people to click on the link and visit your page. Keywords in the description metatags are given some weight with most search engines, Facebook and Google+. The description metatags are often displayed on search engine results pages, so it can affect click-through rates. The keywords and phrases you use in your meta description tag will not affect your page's ranking in the search engines, but your description tag in your page development my be used in your overall SEO and marketing campaigns. If no description metatags are inserted in the page design, the search engines will often use the first words that appear on the page as the description that appears on search results pages. The meta description tag allows you to give a more meaningful description in the page development for listings than might be displayed if the search engine was unable to automatically create its own based on the page content. Most engines will index approximately 155 characters (including spaces) in the meta description tag.

Description metatags must provide a concise explanation of each web page's content.

Today keywords tags are irrelevant for high rankings!

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Good website development, requires that you use everything available to you that might give some weight with the search engines including meta keywords. In your website's development, to avoid hurting your web site, your best design option is to only add the keywords in your copy text on the page to keyword metatags or simply, never add keyword metatags. Some engines still index the keywords within the keyword metatags as a minor supplement to the text in the body copy and the title meta tag.
The first phase of your website development and any search engine optimization campaign is "keyword strategy". One of the most important benefits of all search engine marketing is the ability to target a very specific audience with keywords. The only way to effectively target these searchers is to cover your bases with good design & website development, keyword research and copywriting.
We perform a detailed analysis to make sure that you are targeting keywords that people are actually searching for when we design a site!

Keyword rich copy is crucial for search engine success!

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