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Title metatags are the most important metatags in the ranking of a website on the search engines!


All of the search engines use title metatags to gather information about a website. Many site owners mistakenly believe they should put their company names in their title metatags & description metatags in website development. Your potential customers will be searching for specific products or services, not a particular company name! The title metatags appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page (SERP) The words in the meta title tags are the words that appear in the top bar of your browser.

Meta title tags are equally as important in website promotion as the visible text copy and the links pointing to those pages. Once important search phrases have been incorporated into the text design in good copywriting, these same search phrases have to be put in the description and title metatags. The description and title metatags should contain specific search phrases that relate to the text on the specific page and must be written to be descriptive of the content on the page. For most search engines, the title metatags are not case-sensitive so enticing title meta tags can be created in website development to get the user to click on your listing.

As the algorithmic weight given to the title metatags by search engines, meta title tags are definitely one of the "big three" in website promotion.

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Meta Titles | Meta Title Tags | Meta Titles | Title Metatags | Title Meta tags | Website Development

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