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The Pay Per Click Market Place is currently dominated by the Google AdWords & Microsoft advertising, the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Google AdWords & Microsoft advertising, the Yahoo! Bing Network, control the vast majority of the Pay Per Click Market Place on the Internet today. The most significant difference in online promotions between Google AdWords and Microsoft advertising, the Yahoo! Bing Network, is in the method by which advertisers are charged for clicks as well as the method that each service ranks sponsored listings.


Google AdWords results are displayed on the Google search engine portal and other services. AdWords allows pay per click advertisers to configure distribution options for each ad campaign. AdWords offers a built-in system for organizing keyword campaigns in your PPC campaigns and your Online Promotions & Graphix website promotion. Each advertiser's Google AdWords account can include multiple PPC campaigns, where various distribution options can be set & each campaign consists of one or more ad groups, which control keywords and bids, as well as one or more ads.
Google AdWords uses a hybrid formula that combines the advertiser's bid prices with the click-through rate for their ads. If an advertiser's ad is clicked twice as often as a competitor's, they will be able to outrank that competitor with only half the bid.
Google AdWords offers contextual advertising services in your PPC campaigns through which advertisers can choose whether or not to distribute their ads through the Google AdSense network. A major player in the Pay Per Click market place in PPC campaigns, website promotion and online promotions, the Google AdSense network comprises millions of individual Websites, news sites, and content portals.

Yahoo! & Bing

Another major player in the Pay Per Click market place in Online Promotions & Graphix website promotion & online promotions, Microsoft advertising provides pay per click advertising services on the Yahoo! Bing Network and MSN, Windows Live, Xbox and Skype.
Microsoft advertising, Yahoo! Bing Network is based on a pay per click pricing model. In your PPC campaigns, you set your bid or the maximum amount you're willing to pay each time your ad is clicked.
Microsoft advertising uses both the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay per click on their ad and the advertisement's click-through rate (CTR) to determine how frequently an advertisement is shown. This system encourages advertisers to write effective ads and to advertise only on searches which are relevant to their advertisement in your PPC campaigns.
Microsoft advertising, the Yahoo! Bing Network allows you to control how much you spend. You can specify a daily spending limit for your overall account, as well as for each individual campaign, to help you manage within your website promotion budget.

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