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We specialise in Google AdWords & the Yahoo! | Bing Network.

Online Promotions & Graphix setup your PPC advertising & manage your Pay Per Click campaigns, adjusting keyword bids to get the best "Return On Investment" for your budget.

  • • We create the ads.
  • • We optimise the ads.
  • • We monitor your ads position on the SE results page.
  • • We determine how much to "pay per click" by managing a daily ad budget.
  • • We regulary perform analytics analysis.

Our PPC Campaign Management costs are determined by the number of keywords that are used.
More products, more keywords and therefore more ads to be created and thus more PPC campaign management.

The search engine landscape today Cluttered, Complex & ultra Competitive!

Pay Per Click campaigns and PPC advertising is a dynamic strategic processes and needs to be closely monitored and managed to ensure maximum ROI. PPC campaign management ensures that the best results are delivered and a regular schedule of performance reviews is implemented and adjustments made as needed.

Measurement and analysis will identify weaknesses and highlight opportunities to improve overall performance of your Pay Per Click campaigns.

PPC campaign management ensures your return on investment (ROI) is maximized through effective cost management and keyword management strategies. Also, each engine has a different billing plan, and it's important to understand each SE's billing practices. The marketing decision to use a "given keyword" in your PPC advertising and your Pay Per Click campaigns should be based on your competition and the cost of competing. The wording and keyword phrases used in the ads must be carefully selected and phrases created must say something that will jump out at the reader. Keyword selection for Pay Per Click campaigns differs very little from the strategy that's used for SEO.

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Pay Per Click advertising | PPC campaigns | PPC campaign management

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