Search Directory Submissions

Search directory submissions are still important and is the start to your link building efforts.

Search directory submission is the first promotion task on a new website and is a good way to launch a new site creating enough link popularity to convince the engines to spider it regularly.

    There are three types of directory:
  • • the General purpose (Yahoo! & Open Directory)
  • • the Business Directory
  • • the Vertical or special interest Directory

A major Internet directory will always have a "human being" reviewing your website. Anytime a human editor is involved, there is a high probability that the submission will be edited, shortened, and/or keywords from your submission omitted. What goes on the submission form is critically important!

Search directory submissions are usually ranked according to the information provided in the submission details, as opposed to actual optimisation information on the website.

OP&G Directory Submission Package

We do category research to ensure your site's submittion is to the most appropriate category in each directory. We ensure that descriptions carefully edited using your most important "keywords" according to each directory's specified criteria.

    The Search Directory submissions package includes:
  • • Submission of your site to all the Major directories
  • • Submission to +/- 100 General & Business directories 
  • • Submission to all of the vertical / specialty directories that relate to your website
  • • Submission to the top South African search / business directories

Please note, we submit all websites to the directories with no Fee-for-review fees, however, submission to selected Fee-for-review directories is recommended. Each Fee-for-review directory submission selected by the client, will be billed in addition to our search directory submissions fee.

Search Engine Submissions

We submit your website to the top free Search Engines
(ONLY new websites)

After Search Engine submissions have been done, the time to be indexed is not guaranteed but, after approximately three months your "new site" will be indexed by most of the "spidering" SE databases.

web promotions services

Regular search engine submissions to the "spidering" engines is no longer neccessary!

There are two basic submition methods in use today. A webmaster can either submit one web page at a time, or submit the entire site at one time with a sitemap. Manual search engine submissions to the directories are still important and is the start to your link building efforts.

The Spider

The "spider" is the computer software (algorithm) used by engines to analyse pages on the world wide web. The "spiders" roam the web, following links and indexing all pages found.
When a potential visitor enters keywords in Google, for example, he is not searching the web but a database compiled by Google. This database consists of the text and links from the web pages that have been visited by Google's "spider". When a website is submited to Google, Google's spider is suppled with a starting point for their automatic journey. The spider follows links and thus discovers other pages in your website and visits other sites to which your site is linked.

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